FSBO Tips to Make Your Home More Sellable via Photos

When you are acting as your own house agent, it is important that you put effort into the sale. While you may have a great home, so do thousands of other people. Putting a bit of thought and time into even small touches can greatly make a difference on how potential buyers will react when they take a tour of your home.

You need to put yourself in the place of the buyer. They are all going to have different tastes. For this reason, a home needs to appeal to the general likes of the public and many elements should be neutral. Your goal with be that no matter who comes to your home to have a look, they will be able to imagine themselves living there. Your furniture and decorating style will not be so bold that they cannot look passed that and see their own furniture there. Your colors will not be so overwhelming that they will not be able to envision the home with their own taste in colors.

FSBO Photos

One of the most important elements to marketing your home will be the photos that go along with your listing. It is very crucial to take new photographs and never use outdated ones. You will want the outside photos to reflect the current season. If that oak tree in your front yard has grown big and provide nice shading now, do not use a photograph in which that huge tree was a little small sapling.

Always invest in a high quality camera if you do not have one or cannot borrow one. You will want your photos to speak to the viewer, saying, and “Come look at me”. Photographs that appear hazy, out of focus or are too dark simply will not bring you the traffic that you want. Before you begin taking photos of your home, simply stand outside and look at the house from an unbiased viewpoint. Look at the details. Do the curtains that show through the window in the living room look dingy? Are the flowers outside of the walkway wilted? Does the front door need a fresh coat of paint? Little touches mean a lot. Therefore, before you begin snapping, do take the time to make the house look as nice as possible. Do keep in mind that while the focus will be on the house, if you do not think about the background, the focus may go there instead. Be sure to have all cluttered removed from around the home, do not have children’s toys in the photo and if your neighbor is washing his car and could end up in the background, do wait until he is done.

When you are ready to take pictures, check on one more thing: the weather. This can have a huge impact on a buyer’s opinion. Be sure that the day is nice and sunny. A cloudy or rainy day is not the day to show people what your home looks like, as even the coziest of abodes can look dull and even depressing in bad weather.


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    Another great tip for taking photos is that the photos should not contain any personal items like photos, trophies, etc. The idea is that your buyer needs to imagine themselves in your home, not see you living there.