How to Prepare for the Placement of that FSBO Sign

If you decide to sell your home, and if you choose to put an FSBO sign on your property, as opposed the sign donated by a realtor, then you need to prepare for the placement of that sign. You need to get yourself ready to become a successful seller. You must transform your desire for a buyer into a winning FSBO strategy. Six simple steps can guarantee completion of that transformation.

The first step is easy—set a specific goal. If you have decided to sell your home, then you already have that goal firmly fixed in your mind. Once you have found a buyer for your home, then you will know that you have fulfilled your goal.


The next step requires a bit more thought. Next you need to establish a specific time period in which you plan to achieve your goal. If you are being forced to sell your home, then you have already learned about your timetable. If you are not under pressure to sell your home in a hurry, you still owe it to your neighbors to limit the amount of time that a “for sale” sign stands on your property.

Consider the plan that you want to follow as you go about selling your home. Make sure that your plan matches with the time period that you have established for the marketing of your home. Once you have formulated a plan then more to step four.

Step four involves the writing of your goal, and your plans for achieving that goal. Once you have used pen and ink to lay out the specifics for your plan, then you might realize that you need to add something more to your plan. That addition should take you to step number five.

Step number five calls for the setting of an asking price. Think about what price you are planning to ask for your home. Keep in mind the danger of asking too high a price. Such a price could drive away a potential buyer. Sometimes a seller needs to sacrifice a bit of what he or she hoped to make on a home, in order to find a buyer for that residence.

After you have completed steps one through five then you are ready to work on step six. Step six can seldom be completed in a single day, of even in a single week. When the seller of an FSBO property has chosen to tackle step six, then that seller needs to think about his or her goal every single day. Attainment of that goal should be the seller’s top priority.

Of course, the seller should not just sit and think about his or her goal. The seller should act from day one. The minute that the seller has completed steps one through five, then the seller should start to put into action whatever strategy has been developed. By taking immediate action, a seller helps to make sure that any planned strategy will eventually be viewed as a winning strategy.